5 Ways to Boost Testosterone and Make Your Balls Drop for New Muscle Growth

Everything is in order. Your diet is right on, your workout program is on point and your happy with your progress…but just like every gym rat you want bigger…you want faster…you want new controllers for your Xbox because your fucking-idiot brother split Kool-Aid on it.

And I get that…

But at this point, without the use of the juice (you like that rhyme?), you’ve got limited options.

Or do you?

Boosting your testosterone may be the key to getting your swole on like never before. Without this muscle-building hormone, gaining muscle and loosing fat can be an uphill battle. You’ve got tons of free testosterone floating around in your system catching reruns of Saved by the Bell, when it could be put to good use.

Not anymore.

Brace yourself young grasshopper, because here are 5 simple ways to boost your testosterone…naturally of course.

Lift HEAVY Weight

No brainer right? Well, it’s funny how’d you’d think that, yet I still see people fresh out of the mold banging out bicep curls all day. Isn’t gunna help your balls drop friend. No. What will are heavy multi-joint lifts. We know this can adds slabs of muscle to your frame and jack up your strength. One of the main reasons for that is the boost in overall testosterone that takes place after hitting large muscle groups or doing exercises that hit more muscles in one shot. By doing this you can stimulate a greater release of testosterone. Kind of like that time you used the back massager to…well…we won’t go there.

Don’t Fear the Fat

Choosing the right types of healthy fat is crucial to hinder its accumulation as well as speed up fat oxidation. What certain fats also do is naturally boost testosterone levels. Certain fats found in olive oil, almonds, coconut oils and red meat (and many others) contain cholesterol (HDL-the good stuff) that contributes to testosterone production.

Resveratrol Steals the Show

This compound has been getting a shitload of press these days and with good reason. Resveratrol, which is an antioxidant derived from grapes, has been found to act as an anti-estrogen. It actually inhibits aromatase, which is an enzyme that basically coverts your testosterone into estrogen…not good…think man-boobs. By inhibiting or blocking the aromatization of estrogen, it actually helps to increase testosterone. What does it all mean? It aids in hormone optimization, which turns your body into a muscle-breeding hotbed. This will lead to further muscle growth and fat loss. Sweet bro!

Get Some Zs!

Go the fuck to bed! Seriously. What do you honestly do on the Internet from 1 to 2 AM on a Monday? Human growth hormone levels are tied very closely with your sleep patterns. Your body produces HGH naturally during sleep (apparently Barry Bonds didn’t sleep much huh?). Testosterone levels are directly related to human growth hormone; therefore the deeper you sleep the better chance you have to increase those levels. Have trouble getting a good night’s rest? Supplements like ZMA or zinc citrate can help promote a more deep and restful sleep and replenish your zinc and magnesium that are depleted during exercise. Prepare for some crazy dreams when taking this.

Ma! Protein! NOW!

You workout right? Your muscle fibers “tear and shit” right? Yea, you know it all right? Well, what you “know” but probably don’t practice is replenishing them with amino acids (found in delicious protein shakes). After a workout be sure to consume a whey protein shake (20-40 grams) with an equal to double ratio of simple carbohydrates. This will not only aid in recovery, but help increase the amount of testosterone that is released and entered into your muscles. Proper utlization of this “anabolic window” can help drastically increase testosterone levels and put you on a new muscle building platform.
Tip: Bring a shake to the gym with a banana or two and consume them within 30 minutes of finishing your routine. Eat a solid protein/carbohydrate meal an hour later.

Seriously...Who invited your little brother???

So those are just 5 ways to make your balls drop and increase your testosterone. Now get at it and enjoy your new muscle. With summer around the corner you’ll need it!

How do you boost YOUR testosterone?

Creatine? Natural herbs? Watching Predator for the 17th time?